#17 Cedar and Bastogne Walnut

Number 17 is a true object of beauty. The walnut for the back, sides, and neck was all milled by myself from a large Bastogne Walnut slab. I also created a new rosette for this guitar with a wheat motif surrounding a beautiful beaded necklace in turquoise color. This one hits all the visuals!

Luckily it also hits all the right notes in sound and playability. It has a warm enveloping sound that invites you to play and play. It doesn’t have the back-of-the-theater projection to be a true concert performer, but would be a stunning beauty to add to your collection.

This instrument has the following characteristics:

  • Western Red Cedar top. Perfectly quartersawn with no runout. Interesting stripey grain coloration. This is the good stuff!
  • Asymmetric Ramirez style bracing with treble cutoff bar and closure bars.
  • Bastogne Walnut Back, Sides, and Neck. All milled from a single board so there is perfect color and grain match. The sapwood lighter stripe in the center of the back extends all the way up to the headstock of the guitar since the neck is also cut from the same sapwood section of the board.
  • Sides are laminated with Sapele. This increases projection and makes the sides stronger against impact. It also adds mass to the sides which helps balance the body and neck to ease playability.
  • East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard with partial 20th fret.
  • Brazilian Rosewood 6-hole bridge with bone tie block surround
  • Maple binding with brown/blue/white purfling lines
  • Brazilian Walnut (Gombiera) headplate veneer.
  • 645mm scale length. 54mm nut width. 42mm string spacing at nut.
  • Gotoh Premium tuners in matte gold with the inboard roller bearing that makes tuning so easy.
  • Mother of pearl 7th fret fingerboard side marker.
  • Hiscox case available

Available at cost: $3200