#9 Engleman Spruce and Indian Rosewood (student)

Number 9 is a sweet sounding large sized Classical guitar.  This is a student model guitar, meaning that it was made using great quality materials and just cut the cost.  My goal is to make one student model guitar per year, just to allow students to be able to purchase an affordable quality instrument.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Engleman Spruce top.  Perfectly quartersawn with no runout, and gentle silking throughout.
  • East Indian Rosewood back and sides
  • Port Orford Cedar neck.  This wood has the best strength to weight ratio of any wood out there.  The result is a super light weight and very stiff neck material.
  • East Indian Rosewood fingerboard and head plate
  • Yucatan Rosewood bridge
  • 650mm scale length, 52mm nut width, 43 mm center to center string spacing at nut
  • Partial 20th fret for upper 2 strings
  • Ramirez inspired asymmetrical bracing


Here’s a link to a few sound clips played by myself on this instrument (sorry I’m not a better player!)  Recorded on a cheap USB microphone onto Audacity on my laptop without any equalization or modification. The music player works well with most browsers, but oddly doesn’t work with Internet Explorer 11.

CL009 Sagreras Studies Volume 3 lesson 1 (first half):

CL009 Carcassi Study #3 (first half):