#16 Nylon Harp Guitar commission

This is a nylon stringed classical guitar with 5 additional sub-base strings. An extended box-arm supports the headstock for the extended basses, and provides a much larger resonating body than a standard classical body allows. A secondary sound hole with a simple rosette acts as a sound port. The result is rich and strong extended basses, while not compromising in the trebles at all.

  • Engleman Spruce top.  Perfectly quartersawn with no runout, and gentle silking throughout. Very difficult to source this in the length needed to reach all the way to the bass headstock.
  • Sapele back and sides.  Sapele is an African ribbon striped mahogany that is readily available in large sizes as required in the long back and sides.
  • Sapele for neck and both headstocks.
  • East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • East Indian Rosewood Bridge that is split into two separate tie blocks to allow the top to vibrate freely.
  • East Indian Rosewood bindings and rosette details.
  • African Ebony headplate veneers front and back on both headstocks.
  • 645mm scale length, 53mm nut width, 44 mm center to center string spacing at nut.
  • Asymmetrical top bracing to add color and interest to the sound.
  • Fine green line in the purflings to add a touch of color
  • Wittner Fine-tune pegs. The fine tuning of modern machines with the style of violin pegs.

Sold (commission)

I only had a couple of days to play on this instrument before delivery, and I recorded a bit of dreadful playing. My left hand is just not up to the challenge of playing much anymore. But this quick cell-phone video does capture the sound of the instrument.

Beautiful Engelmann Spruce top
Sapele ribbon striped Mahogany for back and sides
The medullary rays sure pop under french polish finish.
My wife Carol drew the second sound hole sketch for the customer
Headstock veneers are Gaboon Ebony
Wittner fine-tune pegs are so beautiful and easy to tune.
Separated tie blocks to allow top to breath and resonate
I made a custom fit foam case and lined it with velvet