Flamenco Guitars

DSC_1206_cropThe Flamenco guitars I build are based upon a Marcelo Barbero 1951 instrument that was made famous when it was played by Sabicas.  These are made in the traditional method of building with the guitar upside down on a solera (workboard) using a Spanish Heel neck attachment.  The action is low to the strings to bring out an intentional buzzy growl, and the bridge height is low to allow easy tapping accompaniment on the top.

A flamenco guitar is a loud percussive instrument because it must be heard over the cantor (singer) and dancers during a lively performance.  It has a golpeador (tap plate) to allow the flamenco rhythms of tapping on the top to be done without damaging the top.

These guitars are a fun diversion to build from the classical instruments which are my main focus.  Contact me if you are interested as I build these only on demand.

All tops are Spruce, and the back/sides can be either Maple (allowing for some sustain and musicality for soleares), or Alaskan Yellow Cedar (for a purely percussive rasgeado screaming beast of an instrument).

The scale length is either 650mm (standard) or 660mm to match the original instrument scale length. You need BIG hands to drive a 660mm scale length without a capo, so I offer the shorter option for those with smaller hands who want to play the full neck.

Price starts at $2000.00 for my flamenco guitars.

The guitar pictured has 4:1 planetary peg tuners.  You can order either these tuners or the traditional wooden pegs.

The same warranty applies as described on my Classical Guitar page.